Gift of the Girls

UEFA_Women's_Euro_logoAs The UEFA Women’s Euro rolls onto our TV screens this month, here at Soccer Days we believe that females are dominating the field with a fearless nature in one of the nations most loved sports.

With such a fantastic turnout of young girls at our classes, particularly at The Campion School on a Sunday, it is hard to believe there is such a vast gap between boys and girls in the game. However, with participation in the sport on a steep rise and girls all across the country presenting such speed, skill and resilience within the game, could we be about to see a repeat of history?

It may come as a surprise to be told that 100 years ago, women’s football was attracting crowds of over 50,000 spectators. Almost an unimaginable picture, the sport thrived in the working class community. A recent Channel 4 Documentary; ‘When Football Banned Women’ tells the story of Dick Kerr’s Ladies FC, a revolutionary group of women who could definitely give the likes of Ronaldo a run for his money. However the threat of women’s football on the men’s game lead to a disastrous decision by the FA; to ban women’s football, meaning it could only be played at an amateur level. A 50-year freeze on the game could be argued to have compromised football image in the present day. The women’s football drought lasting from 1921 – 71 is certainly not common knowledge but may tell us a lot about why the sport now struggles to fulfil the status it most certainly deserves.

Enormous efforts have recently been made to boost the appreciation and image surrounding women’s footballs. This year the FA have initiated a three-year ‘Game plan for Growth’ with Disney in hope to double participation and fans of the sport by 2020. The popular campaign, ‘This Girl Can’ continues its pioneering efforts to support girls across the country to pursue any dreams they have in any sport they wish, something we closely replicate at Soccer Days.

To bring you up to date with the current Women’s Euro competition, England are performing as brilliant as ever. With 2 wins in the group stages against Scotland and Spain – it is looking like qualifying to the quarterfinals is a certain. When the first Euro competition was played in 1984, England reached the final, as they also did in 2009. With role models such as Jill Scott playing for the team, it is hopeful they will score success in the competition this time round.

UEFA have issued the hashtag #WePlayStrong for this years competition, send us your photos of your girls doing what they do best and supporting their love for football!

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